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5 Simple Ecig Selection Tips

Are you looking for the best E-cigarette to buy? You may be in for a complicated surprise. With the massive selection of styles, brands and types available, choosing which e-cig to purchase can be difficult.

Best Ecig Selection Tips

There are disposable e-cigarettes, which are readily available to buy. These devices are also ultra easy to use. Just pick one, inhale and you’re good to go. Then there are cigalikes, which are two to three-part electronic devices that often include a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. If you opt for cigalikes, the choices doesn’t stop with the type of device. From batteries to atomizer, coils, E-liquids and wicks, these are things you need to carefully select as well. Ecig kits are also the rage today. There are standard kits, starter kits, deluxe kits, kits for couples and advanced kits. Click here for moreĀ

With all these options at your disposal, how do you find the perfect ecig for you? Here are Ecig selection tips to help you along:

1. Don’t be a complete cheapskate

First things first, when it comes to buying ecigs particularly cigalikes, which you can use for a long time, it is important to remember not to be a complete cheapskate. Cheap ecigs may not cost much but if you really want the best value for your money, you’d do well buying a quality, high performing kit. These kits are not cheap but they will cost less in the long run.

2. Start with your needs

There is no one best brand or type of e-cigarette. Just like your ecig needs may be different from that of others. To find the perfect ecig, start with your needs. If you have little to no vaping experience then you’re a beginner and would want to stick with starter kits. If you have some vaping experience and you have basic knowledge and understanding of how e-cigarettes work, how to maintain and troubleshoot some issues, then you’re an intermediate user. Mid powered regulated ecigs may be best for you. If you’re someone who knows about Ohms Law and Joules Law as well as how vapor devices function, you’re an advanced user who can step up your game with high powered or high wattage devices.

3. Look at level performance

Another one on our ecig selection tips that will help is to consider level of performance. When looking at performance, there are three factors to keep in mind and they include vapor production, throat hit and of course, battery life. Of these three factors, focus on vapor production. If you want the most realistic vaping experience, better vapor production is what you want.

4. Keep product quality in mind

If you want the best ecig money can buy, it follows that product quality should be prioritized. Just because one brand says they offer the best ecigs doesn’t always mean it’s true. There are factors to consider like the brand’s reputation, consumer reviews and product warranties offered.

5. Seek for recommendations

Last but not least on our Ecig selection tips is the most practical, which is to seek for recommendations. If, at this point, you’re still not sure which brand or type to buy, seek for recommendations. A recommendation from a happy, satisfied customer is rarely the wrong choice.

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